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Where can I find a good home reference for men´s health?

Home Remedies for Men

Jack Croft, ed.: The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men
This volume has over 2000 tips for men seeking ways to apply do-it yourself to health. Along with titles like heartburn and earache, you'll find things like envy and road rage, illustrated with some fascinating anecdotes not found in exercise books. You will find many conditions can be helped by exercise, and you'll get full body exercise book advice for such side effects as knee pain, sports addiction, and swimmer's ear. There's so much good advice in this book that women will want to sneak a look at it too.

Why did I start gaining weight at middle age?

Fat After 40

Pamela Peeke, MD: Fight Fat After Forty
The author of this fat-fighting full body exercise book, a noted researcher, explains her theory of how hormonal changes associated with menopause set women up for fat gain. A stressful lifestyle stimulates storage of fat in the abdomen. All the exercise books would agree exercise is important to counteract this, and so is eating the right foods at the right time.

Is there a book that can help me improve my running?

Runner's Handbook

Bob Glover and Jack Shepherd: The Runner's Handbook
Generations of runners have used this classic full body exercise book(first printed in 1975) to get started and improve their running. Running style, schedules, diet, stress management, and advice for young and older runners are all here. The iron man of runners' exercise books.

Where can I find out about strength training for women?

Strong Women Stay Young

Miriam E. Nelson, PhD: Strong Women Stay Young
Like strong women, strong exercise books stay youthful. Nelson's research was instrumental in proving the value of strength training for women. This is both a why-do-it and a how-to full body exercise book that's easy to understand and easy to follow. Use this full body exercise book to help hold back the clock.

What foods are best for bodybuilding?

Eating for Strength Training

Susan M. Kleiner, PhD, RD: Power Eating
Here it is-- a nutrition and full body exercise book for weight trainees and power athletes. Different from other exercise books, it tells you how to decide how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat you need. It tells you what strength training supplements work and which ones do not. It tells you how to build muscle and how to burn fat.

Can what you eat affect chronic pain?

Foods Fight Pain

Neal Barnard, MD: Foods That Fight Pain
Among diet and exercise books, this one is a winner. Your food choices may not do much for the pain you feel when you stub your toe, but they may have a big effect on chronic pain from arthritis, back problems, headaches, and many other conditions that affect your workouts and quality of life. Dr. Barnard is not against using drugs for pain when necessary, but wouldn't you like to try changing your diet first? This is the equivalent of a full body exercise book for your diet, and is fascinating reading, even if you don't have chronic pain.

How can I learn about t´ai chi and qigong?

T'ai Chi & QiGong

Bill Douglas: The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong
Tai chi is one of the most versatile and beneficial exercises in the world. This interesting full body exercise book examines its benefits, underlying philosophy, and history. It's great for motivating and guiding beginners, and if you're already an enthusiast, it will add to your knowledge and enjoyment. It will help you get the most from your tai chi lessons/exercise books, and presents qigong exercises that can be learned from this full body exercise book.

What´s a good book for runners?

Galloway's Book on Running

Jeff Galloway: Galloway's Book on Running
This guide is at the finish line ahead of other running exercise books. Galloway gives common sense instructions to the beginner, solid training advice to experienced runners, and inspiration to everybody. This is the full body exercise book that shows how you can safely train for and complete a marathon without devoting your entire life to it.


'Healthy Urban Kitchen' - tips for healthy eating, leading to weight loss

The 'Healthy Urban Kitchen' Cookbook is a great book, combining healthy food choices with the ability for you to lose weight and gain muscle. Most people don't believe that just eating the right foods can help you lose weight/gain strength. But it can! (learn more)

Yup, you heard me.

The 'Healthy Urban Kitchen' Cookbook continues to gain importance in the health community, and more and more people are beginning to see the benefits of it. Check out this link to learn all about it.

How do I stay healthy as I get older?

DARE to Be 100

Walter Bortz, MD: DARE to Be 100
DARE here stands for diet, attitude, recovery, and exercise. Dr. Bortz tells you not only how to optimize your chances for living to 100, but why you might want to. Full of current information on health and aging well, this full body exercise book is as inspirational as it is informative. Bortz is an eminent gerontologist and writer of exercise books who walks the walk as far as aging well, having celebrated his 70th birthday by running the Boston Marathon. You can learn more from him by reading his answers to questions under "library" at www.50plus.org.

Where do I start to learn about healthy eating?

Eating Smart

Joy Bauer: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Smart
In this age of food obsession and questionable fad diets, you owe it to yourself to learn about basic nutrition. This book, out of all the nutrition and exercise books available, is an inexpensive and comprehensive reference for healthful eating and staying fit. Tables and easy reference tell you about such things as macronutrients and fiber, and guide you to sports nutrition, weight management, and specialties like eating while pregnant and feeding the kids.

Not a be-all-end-all guide or a full body exercise book but a good place to start.

What is the philosophy behind yoga?

Yoga Quest

Stephen Cope: Yoga and the Quest for the True Self.
The ancient practice of yoga contains more than the physical postures so many people do. The physical is the gateway to the spiritual. This full body exercise book will not tell you how to do yoga. Written by a psychotherapist who went on a yoga retreat and stayed on, it will interest anyone who is deeply involved with the physical aspect of yoga and wants to look further than in exercise books, as well as those interested in Eastern philosophy.

How do I find out how many calories a food has?

Calorie Counter

The Corinne T Netzer 2001 Calorie Counter
The bottom line for weight management is calories in vs. calories out, as per all exercise books. A good calorie counter is an important practical and educational tool for anyone who wants to either gain or lose weight, and this is a good calorie counter instead of a full body exercise book. Handy and inexpensive, it has thousands of entries, including brand name products. You don't need to count every calorie you consume, but you do want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What´s a good general bodybuilding book?

More Muscle

Ken Sprague: More Muscle
The author of this power muscle full body exercise book has 35 years of weight training experience, and is a writer, coach, and founder of the first Gold's Gym. He covers physiology, motivation, genetics, aging, and nutrition. There are programs for increasing strength and power, gaining muscular endurance, and building mass, plus sports-specific routines. As in the best exercise books, exercise technique is explained and illustrated.

What´s a good beginning weight training guide?

Weight Training, Steps to Success

Thomas Baechle and Barney Groves: Weight Training, Steps to Success
Tempted to bench-press all those fad exercise books? Two well-known coaches explain basics such as choosing an exercise for various muscle groups, adjusting the load, changing your routine, arranging exercises, and using program design variables. Illustrated instructions in thie full body exercise book show the correct way to perform popular machine and free weight exercises, and a number of charts and checklists help keep you on course.

How do food and exercise affect menopause symptoms?

Change Before the Change

Laura E. Corio, MD: The Change Before the Change
If you're a woman approaching fifty, you don't need to read wellness or exercise books to know your body is changing. Many hormonal changes take place in the years before menopause, and Dr. Corio explains those changes, their symptoms, and what to do about it. She discusses not only medical remedies, but also herbs, vitamins, and lifestyle changes that can help. Perimenopause is the focus but a broad range of women's health issues are covered. Well-written and readable, this pre-menopausal full body exercise book will help many women understand and take charge of their health.

How does exercise affect the aging process?


William Evans and Irwin Rosenberg: Biomarkers.
Here's one of those exercise books that shows you how to slow down the aging process, that is, how to keep from being physiologically as old as you are chronologically. No big deal, if you're 18. If you're over 40 (or feel that way), pay attention. The biomarkers are the factors associated with physiological aging, and you can positively affect those factors. And it does have a lot to do with exercise. Order this full body exercise book at discount from Amazon in the Resources section of this site.

What is The 24-Hour Turnaround?

The 24-Hour Turnaround

Jay Williams, PhD: The 24-Hour Turnaround
Searching through exercise books for a complete anti-aging solution? Now you can learn from this full body exercise and diet book what countless celebrities and other seekers after the fountain of youth have learned at the author's Hawaii spa. This book teaches women all the elements of diet, exercise, and mind-body practice needed to turn their lifestyle around to be healthful and vital. It has an excellent explanation of how protein, carbs, and fat really work as well as a fine description of the working of hormones.

Where can I get guidance on stretching?

Healthy Stretching

Chris Verna: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Healthy Stretching
Chris Verna, "Mr. Stretch," works with world-class athletes, and now he can work with you through this full body exercise book. Having the right amount of flexibility is important to general health and quality of life, so the exercise books say. It may also be the key to improving sports performance. Chris teaches you how to stretch whatever you need, wherever you are, so stretching becomes part of your lifestyle.

How do I get started in strength training?

Weight Training Guide

D. Johnson-Cane, J. Cane, and J. Glickman: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Weight Training
Okay if you're an idiot, I guess, but there are better exercise books out there. Actually, it's really a beginner's full body exercise book and a good starting point that will give you the basics of resistance training.

What are the mental factors in playing sports?

Sports Psyching

Thomas Tutko, PhD, and Umberto Tosi: Sports Psyching
Most of us agree that mental and emotional factors are very important in sports, perhaps the deciding element oftentimes, but this wasn't always recognized in exercise books. Tutko has been a pioneer in sports psychology, and has helped thousands of athletes overcome psychological barriers. Use this full body exercise book to realize your athletic potential, or to deal with other challenges in your life. (Tutko continues to write articles for the 50plus Fitness Assn., www.50plus.org)

Are there any good books on how to deal with PMS?

Freedom from PMS

George J. Kallins, MD, and Gloria Keeling: 5 Steps to a PMS-free Life
Guys who don't normally read exercise books will read this one! Premenstrual Syndrome is a major problem for many women. This full relief full body exercise book details a multi-disciplinary approach that has proven success and tells exactly what to do. The steps involve exercise, diet, supplements, mind-body work, and drugs when necessary.


Core Performance

Core Performance is a book by Mark Verstegen and Pete Williams. It emphasizes the importance of your core musculature in almost every movement of your body. This book presents a workout and eating regimen for its readers to help themreach their goals with clear guidelines. Not only that, it offers man stretching/workout tips, which not only strengthen muscles while being done but also stretch them. Truly an interesting concept in Core Performance is how difficult and interesting some of the streches are (which do actually work) and how well they hit their target areas (when done correctly).

This book presents great ways for you to get into the best shape of your life while not adding excessive amounts of exercise time. The workouts are not ridiculous (as in extremely hard) either.

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