Calorie Counter

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How do I find out how many calories a food has?

Calorie Counter

The Corinne T Netzer 2001 Calorie Counter
The bottom line for weight management is calories in vs. calories out, as per all exercise books. A good calorie counter is an important practical and educational tool for anyone who wants to either gain or lose weight, and this is a good calorie counter instead of a full body exercise book. Handy and inexpensive, it has thousands of entries, including brand name products. You don't need to count every calorie you consume, but you do want to avoid unpleasant surprises.



9/23/2007 8:36:15 AM
Kara said:

Calorie King ... it's the best calorie counter that I found ... it's working for me! It has thousands of brand names and when you purchase the program you get free food database updates all the time.


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