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Enjoy these Exercise Big Brain quizzes we've created for you, helping to test the Exercise knowledge you have.

Running for New Runners

Getting started as a runner? See what you know about some of these technique questions.

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Name That Muscle

Itīs good to know what muscle causes a given action in your body. It can increase your interest in your workout to know, and refer to, the muscle you are working.

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Water Everywhere

We all know by now that we should drink a lot of water. Hereīs a quick quiz about drinking and working out.

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How Exercise Makes You Healthy

Exercise can do more for your health than just about anything else. Itīs as close as you can get to that magic pill. See what you know about you exercise can improve various aspects of health.

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Staying Flexible

Hereīs a quiz to see what you know about some aspects of stretching.

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Reading Food Labels

Nutrition is important to supporting your workouts, as well as controlling your weight. Letīs see what we can learn from those food labels.

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Athletes´ Nutrition Knowledge

Division 1 college athletes were quizzed on their knowledge of basic nutrition, in a survey reported in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. Can you do as well as they did?

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Playing Safe

Injuries are one of the risks of working out or playing sports. Of course, injuries are one of the risks of life, and you can get injured even if you never exercise. See what you know about exercise injuries and how to avoid them.

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Cardio Equipment

Hereīs a brief look at the most popular cardiovascular/aerobic machines you will find in the gym, or maybe in your basement or garage.

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