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Mark's Daily Apple

Blog: http://www.marksdailyapple.com

Wanna dip your toes in the Paleo lifestyle? Mark is your guy.

Jason Ferrugia’s Strength Training Blog

Blog: http://jasonferruggia.com/

For Jason Ferrugia, staying fit is not a hobby--it's a way of life. Full of great tips, interesting information, and a personal history to back his posts up.

Daily Cup of Yoga

Blog: http://www.dailycupofyoga.com/

Daily Cup of Yoga makes it easy for anybody to love yoga, no matter if you've been practicing for 2 days or 20 years.


Pinterest: @inge1/fitness

With nearly 400 pins and over 200,000 followers, this board is full of workouts for every part of the body.


Pinterest: @barbiez00/health-fitness

Health – Fitness is unique in that it has over 160 contributors uploading its over 8,000 pins. Whether you want a workout for a certain part of your body or you need an inspiring quote, you can find it here.

Fitness Fitness Fitness

Pinterest: @willowjean25/fitness-fitness-fitness

Fitness Fitness Fitness has more than 400 pins, many of which are female-friendly, non-intimidating workouts that anyone can do from home.

Fitness and Health

Pinterest: @Kate26/fitness-and-health

Fitness and Health is full of workouts, inspiring quotes, infographics and before and after pictures that will motivate you to reach success.

Health, Fitness & Motivation

Pinterest: @faithful03/health-fitness-motivation

This board has an impressive 1,700 pins that cover workouts, inspiring quotes, good foods to eat and articles about general fitness and wellbeing.

Fitness Fitness Fitness

Pinterest: @alliebloch/fitness-fitness-fitness

Fitness Fitness Fitness has tons of quick exercise sequences that allow the board’s over 3,700 followers to work on their fitness even when they are pressed for time.

Get Moving, Get Buff

Pinterest: @hchapman/get-moving-get-buff

Get Moving, Get Buff has tons of quick, intense workout sequences, inspiring quotes and healthy eating tips.

I Work Out

Pinterest: @hollydawn89/i-work-out

Holly, the board’s owner, isn’t the only one who works out. You will be inspired to exercise too after looking through the 581 exercises, healthy recipes and motivational quotes she has pinned.

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation!

Pinterest: @stacybuck71/motivation-motivation-motivation

Stacy Buck’s Motivation, Motivation, Motivation has tons of great motivational quotes that will keep you going, such as “In life, you have 3 choices: give up, give in, or give it your all!”


Twitter: @greatist

A popular twitter user for their inspirational posts and commitment to health in both the mind and body.

Fit Bottomed Girl

Twitter: @FitBottomedGirl

Blog: http://fitbottomedgirls.com/

As you can see from the name this user focuses on health and fitness advice specifically for women. A refreshing user in a sea of accounts dominated by men.

Adam Bornstein

Twitter: @bornfitness

Adam Bornstein, former editor for Mens Health, regularly engages followers in body related advice.


Twitter: @athleticfoodie

Knowing that your diet is half the battle helps in your fitness journey. Great diet tips regularly posted.

Jason Ferruggia

Twitter: @JasonFerruggia

Renegade Fitness leader, experienced lifter, great twitter user. Regularly shares weight lifting advice and personal memos with his followers.

Scott iRunnerBlog

Twitter: @iRunnerBlog

Nobody loves running but this user understands how important it is to a healthy lifestyle. Full of great tips for the novice and experienced runner.

Tara Stiles

Twitter: @TaraStiles

Yoga isn't a fad, and Tara Stiles knows her stuff. Follow her for all of your Yoga Nerd needs.

Gunnar Peterson

Twitter: @Gunnar

Gunnar has trained them all: NFL, NHL, NBA and other major athletes. He's good enough for them, and he's good enough for your twitter feed.

Dwayne Johnson

Twitter: @TheRock

One of the most entertaining men on the planet and also one of the most committed athletes. He is a movie star, a wrestler, and an athlete and he brings a perspective to fitness that is rare in the rest of the world. He's done it all and you can read about it in his engaging, smart, and funny tweets.

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