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Keep Fit With the Top 5 Fitness Apps on the Market!

Living well has never been easy. Thanks to the internet, our smart phones, and the connected world we live in there is technology and information to help us out. By utilizing the fitness applications available to us, on our computers and smart phones, we can get in shape easier than ever.

1 - Charity Miles on Android or iPhone

Charity Miles is a simple application, in concept. For every mile that you walk, run, or bike you will have a donation made to charity by a corporate sponsor. Walkers and runners can make up to a quarter per mile and bikers can make a dime per mile.

2 - TempoRun on iPhone

Tempo Run combines science with that untouchable "motivation" in our hearts. Tempo Run scans your musical library and creates a playlist that fits the tempo of the speed you are running. Simple, but motivating. This app helps avoid the issue altogether.

3 - Fitness Pro on iPhone

Knowing your body, inside and out, is important in understanding how to make it work to your benefit. Fitness Pro will teach you the ins and outs of your body, your muscle groups, and teach you how to get to your fitness goals. Remember: knowledge is power.

4 - Pocket Yoga on Android or iPhone

Love yoga but lack the time, money and means? Pocket Yoga is the next best thing. It'll teach you the different forms wherever you happen to be.

5 - PumpUp on Android or iPhone

PumpUp teaches you different workout routines with handy animations to clarify questions.

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