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Question 1

What is the most common sports injury?

Ankle sprain
ACL tear
Dislocated shoulder
The ankle sprain is the most common, and is likely to happen again if you don´t take care of it.

Question 2

What should you do if your get dizzy during or immediately after exercise?

Sit down
Lie down
Start running again
Lying down allows your blood pressure to normalize, which sitting doesn´t, and will keep you from being injured from falling if you faint. Check with your doctor about the cause.

Question 3

Which of the following is a way to avoid kickboxing injuries?

Avoid overextending your kicks
Wear wrist weights when punching to make your arms stronger
Keep up with the music
Don´t use wrist or ankle weights when punching, kicking, or doing cardio exercise, as they put too much strain on the joints.

Question 4

What injury has been associated with increased risk of Alzheimer´s Disease in later life?

Heat stroke
Acute altitude sickness
Head injury
This would be an injury that results in unconsciousness. Wear protective gear to prevent this.

Question 5

How should you treat an injury in the first 48 hours?

Use ice
Use a heating pad
Get a massage
Use ice. Heat or massage right after an injury can make the damage worse. See a doctor if necessary, but you can use ice before you get there.

Question 6

What is a sign of overtraining?

Continually improving performance
An elevated morning heart rate
Craving chocolate
A resting heart rate 10 beats or more above what is usual for you is a sign of overtraining, as is worsening performance.

Question 7

When should you drink water during a long swimming workout?

Never, you absorb enough from the pool
When you are thirsty
Before and during, as with other exercise
You are still losing body water from exertion.

Question 8

What is the most likely cause of mild chronic back pain?

Bad posture and weak muscles
A slipped disk
Good exercise technique will protect against back soreness, and can strengthen your back as well.

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