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Question 1

Protein should be what percent of your daily calories?

Only 3% of the athletes go this right. Even making some adjustments in the recommendations for certain sports, they wouldn´t have done much better.

Question 2

Fat should be what percent of your daily calories?

Less than 12%
The survey found 11.7% of the athletes knew this.

Question 3

Carbohydrate should be what percent of your daily calories?

This most common recommendation by dieticians and nutrition professionals was scored correctly by 29.5% of the athletes.

Question 4

What is the function of vitamins in your diet?

Regulates cellular metabolism
Provides immediate energy
Increases muscular strength
This one was scored correctly by 37% of the athletes.

Question 5

What is the function of protein in your diet?

Provides immediate energy
Aids in tissue maintenance
Increases muscle size
Protein does not make muscle by itself; it has to be combined with appropriate exercise and hormones. 54.4% of the athletes got this one right.

Question 6

The athletes were asked what supplements they take. Which were the most common?

Energy bars, protein drinks, and vitamin/mineral pills
Creatine, energy bars, and carbohydrate drinks
Creatine, vitamin/mineral pills, and carbohydrate drinks
These were the top 3, with creatine being the most popular. It was mentioned by 28% of the athletes.

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