Dance Workouts

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I’ve been doing mostly bodybuilding and want to vary my workout, should I take up dance?

Dance Workouts

Switch it up! Take a cue from square dancing caller and do-si-do and switch partners when it comes to your body building workout routines.

Varying your routines and programs will make your workout routine more exciting and will keep you from reaching a plateau. Try these tips on how to spice up your workout:

• Vary your pumping iron workout plan and target different areas of your body on different days
• Sign up for some swing or salsa dancing lessons
• Try alternating your dance and dumbbell workout with stretching (such as yoga or Pilates)
• Mix in a little tai chi for grace and swimming for cardiorespiratory fitness

Who says workout routines have to be routine?



9/14/2006 7:05:17 AM
nikki said:

that is agood tip does any one know where i will find dance workout steps

8/18/2009 2:04:38 PM
phoebe said:

you tube have a few good videos and workouts, also there are a lot of dvds available with dance and areobics workouts to try. I go to dance classes almost everyday and it is my life! it keeps me in good shape and fitness, and it also keeps me motivated and happy.


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