Hilary Swank and Weight Training

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I love the way Hilary Swank fought in “Million Dollar Baby,” did she use a weight training program?

Hilary Swank and Weight Training

It's not just her acting that won Hilary Swank the Best Actress Oscar. For her role as the gritty Maggie Fitzgerald in “Million Dollar Baby,” Swank embarked on a weight training program that made her intimidating in the film. Through strength training exercise, she gained 19 pounds of muscle instead of the 10 pounds she was asked to gain, according to ESPN.

To train, Swank regularly cycles, runs, and does Pilates (it's no wonder those fight scenes didn't look like the usual Hollywood fakery). Swank's strength training and boxing instruction (four and a half hours a day) gave her the physical muscle for those clashes in the ring. She completed her boxing and weight training in 90 days! There's no guarantee that weight training will turn you into an Evander Holyfield, but it'll make you feel like a champion.



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