Weight Training For Kids

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Should children do strength training?

Weight Training For Kids

Keep your kids healthy! It's a fallacy that strength training exercise and kids don't mix. Caution, however, is advised and heavy lifting is out.

Kids can have fun and do weight training every day without even knowing it. Urge your kids to:

• Throw and hit balls
• Jump rope
• Play Frisbee
• Bowl

Kids can pretty much turn anything around the house into something to use for weight lifting! Strength training for kids isn't about lifting the heaviest weight possible; it's about lifting any weight (aside from the remote control). The key, however, is not to confuse weight training for kids with weightlifting. Don't push your kids to lift heavy objects!

Older kids benefit the most from strength training, but it's never too late to get younger kids hooked on a weight training program.



12/31/2006 6:33:31 AM
Kris said:

My son has just expressed an interest in weight training for football next year. He's in the sixth grade. I've started taking him to the gym and doing the first workout my trainer had me doing. Not a lot of weight but lots of reps and cardio to help him lose some baby fat. He loves it!

11/7/2011 9:12:51 AM
amy said:

ive stated walking its really fun!!!!!yeha


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