All the Walking Equipment You Really Need

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What should I wear when out walking?

All the Walking Equipment You Really Need

All you really need for walking exercise is a good pair of walking shoes. Choose a pair with a firm heel cup for stability and plenty of room for toes so they can spread out as they push off when you're walking for exercise. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. In cool weather, dress in layers as you will warm up some if you walk a good distance.



9/14/2007 2:09:57 PM
Janelle said:

That is a great tip! Everyone needs good walking shoes!

6/28/2011 10:25:15 AM
Susan said:

For walking shoes, go to your local athletic store and tell the sales rep what you're looking for. Stores like New Balance, etc that specialize in shoes are trained for what would be best for you.

Has anyone tried the 'walking poles'? I'm going to get some next week to try out. I've been told that you'll get the same benefit using those in 20 minutes that you get from walking for an hour, plus it works your arms too.

6/28/2011 4:39:39 PM
Jim said:

Yes, an excellent tip!


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