Drop Sets

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What is a drop set?

Drop Sets

Don't drop the ball. You can incorporate drop sets in a weight training routine sometimes for variety, but don't make them the mainstay of your strength training workout. They are best done on selectorized machines, but you can also go down the rack of dumbbells.

Start your strength training exercise with a weight you can lift 8-10 times. Do a set to fatigue, immediately put the pin in the next lighter weight and do another set to fatigue, then do the same thing one more time. If you can do more than 10 reps on any of them, start with a heavier weight next time.



1/23/2007 3:19:01 AM
Jim Williams said:

I've used this method in my workouts and seen significate gains with it.

But changing some areas of training keeps you from getting "stale".

11/23/2008 12:18:25 PM
Ed Terry said:

One-side-at-a-time dumbbells are a great way to do drops sets. Squeeze out 8 - 10 reps with your less dominant side, then match it with the other side. Repeat with less dominant and dominant, sticking with the same weight but decreasing reps each time.


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