Staying Flexible

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Does weight training make you inflexible and muscle-bound?

Staying Flexible

Bend and flex! Weight training helps maintain or even improve flexibility. Just remember during strength training exercise to fully extend and retract, and stretch thoroughly. Use full range of motion in your weight training routine.



1/13/2007 8:15:54 PM
Pat said:

My first time on this site. I'm old but able and need to firm up. I only weigh 80 lbs. but am fairly active. Need more muscle and weight so will use my 5# wts. every evening if that's OK.

5/10/2009 4:57:02 PM
J said:

Pat you may want to invest in Protein Shakes after your weight training session

11/15/2011 7:18:40 AM
carole said:

I recently came across something call "CLA" that claims to reduce belly fat. I don't need to lose weight anywhere else but around the waist. I do core excersises but fat is still here! what about claims on "CLA"? Thank you...


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