Donating Blood

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Can I work out after donating blood?

Donating Blood

Recreational endurance athletes who donate blood should skip training that day and the next while rehydrating with lots of fluid. You may want to skip another day, or take it easy, if you don't feel quite right.



8/10/2006 8:24:38 PM
R. Hall said:

I wished I had read this first. I donated blood on Monday and rode my bike on Tuesday. I bonked after about 15 miles. I rode Wednesday, or tried again and yes, it happened again. I did ride about 22 miles however the last 10 miles felt like my body was in slow motion. I did drink a lot of water but my body just couldn't get going. I have now decided to take the next 2 days off and try again Saturday. This tip would get a 4 star rating from me.

2/21/2007 8:48:54 AM
Linda said:

Thanks ! My awesome mom is getting a hip replacement. She just asked me how long she had to wait after donating a pint of blood before she could resume her 1200 yds swimming she does every day,(she's 70!!) This info helped so much.
Linda :)

7/5/2007 7:50:25 AM
C said:

I wish I had known this too. A few years ago I donated blood and tried to jog the next day. I couldn't figure out why I felt so terrible. I think I read an article shortly after that about how much fluid you actually lose and that I wouldn't be up to speed again for several weeks. I also felt like I was in slo mo.


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