Set Aside Half an Hour

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How can I find time to exercise?

Set Aside Half an Hour

There are 32 half-hours left in a day, if you sleep 8 hours. Can you spare one for fitness? Make an exercise plan and schedule your half-hour right now. Go for a half hour of power or anything else that sounds good and gets you moving.



4/3/2007 3:47:40 PM
jess said:

add more exercise options

4/3/2007 3:55:41 PM
Mable Johnson said:

This is a great idea. We usually keep our planned dates

4/4/2007 5:54:06 AM
pj said:

such simple advice, good adive, but oh so hard to do!

1/15/2009 9:37:52 AM
Nicholas said:

Jess, read my Blog. I'm trying to give more options for exercise, even exercise one can do at their home. More to come too.


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