Glamour Muscles

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What are the best muscles for men to train?

Glamour Muscles

Ah-nold knows that the glamour muscles for men--abs, pecs, and biceps--are all on the front of the upper body, and many men spend most of their strength training time on them. But the Governator didn't get a healthy physique by just focusing on glamour. Balance your weight training routine like Ah-nold balances the budget. For a nice, symmetrical look, as well as to prevent potential problems caused by postural imbalance, it's necessary to train your back as well. And set aside some time to do strength training exercise for your legs, too.



8/21/2009 11:26:09 AM
Ed T said:

Working the back muscles also helps prevent one of the more common strength training injuries. Focusing on chest only will result in the shoulders rounding forward, placing excessive wear and tear on the shoulder's ball and socket joint. Also remember the main point of back exercises is to bring the shoulder blades together.


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