Sit Up Straight

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How do I keep from getting neck pain when working at my computer?

Sit Up Straight

See if you can program your computer to remind you to correct your posture every 20 or 30 minutes. This can reduce the neck and shoulder pain you get from slouching over the keyboard for extended periods of time. If the computer won't cooperate, remind yourself some other way, by getting your watch to beep or even using Post-it notes.



7/1/2007 7:13:52 AM
ASPI said:

nice easy tip

7/1/2007 9:38:44 AM
Vishesh Nigam said:

Yeah! Very useful.
I have had severe back and neck problems due to extended comp us.
Till now my wife used to remind me every time she saw wme slouching. Now I'll set my comp o trigger alarm every 20 min


7/2/2007 2:40:09 PM
Jo3l said:

I agree. I drive all day and sitting up staight has turned into a good trunk worker.

9/5/2008 9:01:05 AM
nanda kumaran said:

this is a great tip. only upfront reminders, in any form, will alert us to change posture. this should be popularised in a bigger way, benefiting the large community of computer users


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