Athletic Shoes

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How should I choose athletic shoes?

Athletic Shoes

Always wear good shoes when you work out. Your athletic shoes should fit right in the store. Don't expect to break them in. Buy them at the end of the day, when your feet are probably a little swollen, and wear the kind of socks you will wear in your sport. Run around the store a bit in them to see how they feel. There are special shoes for just about every sport, but if you only do an activity occasionally, you don't have to have special shoes. Don't wear running shoes for aerobics, tennis, or other activities requiring sideways motion.



4/9/2007 2:41:12 PM
Libbi said:

I like this idea, I will use this.

4/10/2007 1:19:29 PM
Nick said:

Everyone needs a good pair of shoes =0

4/11/2007 5:21:28 AM
Meowster said:

I didn't know about NOT wearing running shoes for aerobics...gosh, good tip!


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