Strength Training Basics

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How do I get started weight training?

Strength Training Basics

Does the thought of incorporating strength training into your exercise routine intimidate you? Have no fear!

All you really need to get started on a weight training program are some dumbbells and possibly some leg weights. Then, find at least one strength training exercise for each of the major muscle groups. These include the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, abdominalS, back (upper and lower), glutes (buttocks), hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and shins. (Some exercises work more than one muscle group.)

Remember, KISS: Keep it simple, silly. Keep the exercises basic and perform two to three sets of each strength training exercise two to three days per week. Beginners can benefit from only one set per exercise.



12/29/2007 9:38:53 PM
Robert Congrave said:

In brief: As one with 30 years experience as a
univ. degree fitness and strength training
specialist, I know the reality(and ultimate frustration)of beginners following strenth training
"tips" without supervision of experienced strength
coach or at least experienced(and patient)
w/t individual. Typically, do it yourself info.
often leaves out crucial fundamentals necessary
for truly effective and safe strength development
ie. individual assessment(current strength level,
current health incl.any medical/structural
limitations,scheduling to assure compliance etc.-
yeah, most non supervised beginners drop out from
various frustrations or minor injuries[the do-or
die types]Unfortunately,as strength training is
so much in vogue now with demand here very high,
too much overly simplified,incomplete and
downright "mickey mouse" info.,is commonplace.
Common sense decrees that all beginners(even
athletic types)get at least some formal small group or one-to-one guidance AND supervision from
a strength training specialist[univ.,college or
other top certification]

yours truly, Robert Congrave

4/22/2009 3:32:19 PM
Nicholas said:

I FULLY agree. :)


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