Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

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What benefits will I get from exercising during pregnancy?

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy are numerous. These include: reduced weight gain; reduced chances of becoming hypertensive; less likely to develop gestational diabetes; improved mood with less depression; better sleep patterns; reduced labor time; may reduce chance of surgery; more rapid weight loss after pregnancy. Work with your doctor to develop the best plan for you.



10/20/2007 12:48:41 PM
stephanie said:

it really is amazing how much simple exercize benifits pregancy before and after if it is ok with your dr. I was in a walking class during my pregancy and while i gained 60lbs, seven months later i am back to less then before I got preganant. By the way I had a 9lb baby, no hypertension or diabetes involved. I walked at a reasonable pace for one hour a day and found it also helped deal with stress that relates to preganancy. good advice


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