Cognitive Benefits from Exercise

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Does exercise help maintain mental ability?

Cognitive Benefits from Exercise

Elderly exercisers have shown cognitive benefits on aging and exercise studies, while non-exercising control subjects have difficulty concentrating and remembering. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, helps retain or improve mental acuity as we age.

Another way to gain beneficial cognitive benefits from exercise is to really stress the arm/leg/side of the body that is weaker. The more difficult something is to do (not in regards to weight, but in regards to motion), the more the brain has to work to send the proper signals to the muscles to perform the movement properly. This then makes our brain work harder, teaching our brain something new as well as our muscles. This same thinking can be used in daily life; whether you are picking up a hot cup of coffee/tea or opening a door, try and use your opposite arm/hand to perform the motion. This too makes your brain work in conjunction with your muscles, stressing and exercising you cognitively. Wonderful.



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