Too Much Water

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What is water intoxication?

Too Much Water

Don't buy up the water supply at Costco till you read this. Hyponatremia, or water intoxication, is not common, but it can kill you. It is chiefly a problem with ultradistance runners, who may drink too much water without sufficient sodium, which can cause excess fluid to build up in the brain and lungs. Of course, too little water is a much more common sports nutrition deficiency and you should drink plenty during exercise.

As with any diet, balance is the key to a sports nutrition diet. For strenuous exercise up to an hour, just water is all right. For exercise of 1-4 hours, you should use sports nutrition drinks with electrolytes, but over 4 hours you may need to add more salt than found in most sports drinks.

Don't neglect solid foods in your sports nutrition diet. Try eating some pretzels in the last half of a long race.



5/11/2007 10:54:01 AM
Northwestlife said:

I totally agree. My son, before he went in for back surgery (16 hours) was drinking 2 GALLONS of water a day! When he came out of surgery the doctor asked him how much water he was drinking a day. The doctor said, don't ever drink that much again! We almost lost you. Your electarlites crashed due to the amount of water you are drinking. It flushes out all the nutrients. The result? My son swelled up like a balloon, face hands. I have noticed on some of the diet programs on line out there that people are bragging about drinking gallons of water. Please be careful! Like they say, everything in moderation.

8/18/2009 9:58:55 AM
common sense said:

only a moron would drink 2 gallons of water in 1 day. do you all live in vans down by the river


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