Recovery from Smoking

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Will quitting smoking help my workouts?

Recovery from Smoking

Exercise can help you quit smoking. And quitting smoking can improve your exercise and sports performance. If you crave a cigarette, go out for a walk or run or bike ride instead, and let the craving pass.
If you can't quit cold turkey, try a fitness break from nicotine. One week of not smoking doesn't allow your lungs to recover from the effects of smoking, but it does improve your muscle fitness and exercise performance. And that may make it easier for you to quit for good.



10/26/2007 11:22:26 AM
Bob Hollis said:

A friend of mine who recently quit smoking did so by keeping a hand-held dental floss tool within reach. Everytime he started to reach for cigarette he picked up the flosser instead. He first cut his smoking in half, and after a few weeks of this he stopped smoking completely, and his gums no longer bleed when he brushes his teeth. A true win-win for his health!

7/5/2011 7:45:54 AM
violet said:

I quit smoking and i use to pick up a teethpick and i quit in amouths time. you are the only one who can stop one else can do it for you.NOT TV!and NOTADDS! YOUONLY but with one friend i had you can ask him? and that was JESUS! for really. MY PRAYERS are ith you!!


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