Training for Women Athletes

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Why do women get hurt in sports more than men?

Training for Women Athletes

Women athletes suffer more injuries, especially to the knee, than men. Hormonal and biomechanical reasons have been proposed to explain this, but new research indicates lack of conditioning may be the key. Women typically do not have the same amount of experience with fitness and sports as men, because they have only recently been given encouragement and opportunity to participate.

Women athletes, no matter how talented, should work on general conditioning before getting heavily involved in their sport.



8/12/2007 7:16:42 PM
Jake Errington said:

Very good point that I, as a Physical Trainer, push with my female clients. It though can at times be a tough push as some women still are concerned with some points of personal appearance.

5/18/2009 11:38:16 PM
Chelsey said:

Very good information but what kind of conditioning for what sports...?

5/30/2011 10:28:39 PM
Krys said:

As a female high school level athlete, I can completely second this. While there are some of us that do push, many of the girl athletes don't, and those are the ones that get hurt. It's not about how you look out there, it's about how you perform. Most girls don't understand that.


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