Pregnant? Stay Fit and Fabulous!

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Pregnant? Stay Fit and Fabulous!

First, check with your doctor and make sure it is safe for you to exercise. All clear for pregnant exercise? Let us help you make it great!

Keep Doing What You Love

With simple speed or weight modifications, any exercise you already love can remain your exercise of choice during your pregnancy. If you were a fan of cardio classes, check your gym to see if they have classes just for pregnant women. Look online for a local group of women who are pregnant and running or moms who run. If you cannot find one, ask at your local gym. You could make new friends that last beyond your pregnancy.

You Can Change it Up

If you feel your balance is not so great with your growing baby bump, or if you just feel like a change, explore the freeweights. Tone muscles will make all the lifting, walking, picking up, and bathing of your new baby easier.

Consider yoga. You could get a DVD to try it at home or find a local center. Yoga also has pregnancy-focused classes. Yoga is great for balance. Also, the deep breathing and focus on calm are things you can bring with you to the delivery room.

It’s All About You (and baby)

When you are at the gym only focus on your performance. If you are working out at home, don’t try and keep up with the people on your television. Listen to your body. Modify exercises as much as you need to. Do not exercise with intensity that goes beyond your body’s comfort level. You are exercising for two and need to stay safe.



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