What is Fitness?

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What is Fitness?

I just checked with dictionary.com, and they say 'Fitness' is 'health', as well as the ' capability of the body of distributing inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during increased physical effort.' Alright, good to know.

If you want to be 'fit' or 'healthy', you need to make sure that you are exercising! Now many of you may not know how. No worries, that's what all these tips are designed for. But I want to focus on the second answer of what fitness is, being the capability of distributing oxygen.

Many of us perform cardio-respiratory exercise, but is that enough? Nope. Your muscles need to be stressed as well, and as you also work with weights and your body weight in the gym or at home or in a park, you are also working on your bodies' ability to transport oxygen when needed (during physical exercise).

As a beginner, understand that you need to push yourself every time you exercise, to the point where you are sweating afterwards. This needs to occur minimum 4 times a week to really get into good shape.

For you veteran exercisee's, are you really pushing yourself anymore? Have you been doing the same exercises for years? Find news ways to push yourself (that's whay i've put up the videos), so that you can continue to excel with your physical fitness.

Make sure you are looking at older tips too, because there is lots of wonderful information in there (not just from me, but from others before me).



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