Performing an Opposite Arm/Leg Barbell Shoulder Press (with video)

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Performing an Opposite Arm/Leg Barbell Shoulder Press (with video)

This exercise is very difficult, and hopefully this video of an Opposite Arm/Leg Shoulder Press will benefit you.

Executing a single leg Barbell Shoulder Press is difficult, but doing it with only one foot really stresses your bodies' balance ability. Whenever you perform exercises with one arm or foot, your abdominals have to do more work to keep you balanced. Having only one of each really makes you balance.

When you utilize the barbell, your arm is now hfiring many more muscles than when yyou use free weights. Your forearm has to stabilize the bar, as well as you upper arm and shoulder. Much, much more work will be done when you perform the Opposite Arm/Leg Barbell Shoulder Press.



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