Doing a Deadlift maximally...properly

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Doing a Deadlift maximally...properly

When doing a Deadlift, it is important to think about your posture. This can be a dangerous exercise to do in the gym, because if done improperly one can really injure their low-back.

Today I met a 68 year old man, who was doing very heavy weight. I watched him, talked to him, and finally decided that I agreed with him. He has been doing Deadlifts for so long that he competes in weighlifting competitions at his age, weighing only 130 lbs.

Make sure your legs are directly below your hips, and that your arms hang straight down (below your shoulders). This will help make the exercise easier, and you core will function properly giving you maximal power. Always make sure your head is looking forward/upward, and breathe! If you remember these key points, you will perform the Deadlift better and probably even increase your Deadlift weight.



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