Positive Thinking

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Positive Thinking

Do you believe in yourself? No? Then start believing.

If you don't believe you can reach your goal, then you won't. Period. You are allowing yourself to believe that you are not good enough...but you are good enough! How about a story...

One of my old Personal Training clients, Beth, a woman in her mid fifties who went from 200+ pounds to under 130lbs, didn't believe she could jump up onto a platform. This platform was maybe 20 inches off the ground. She had jumped onto the platform which was about 10 inches off the ground with ease, but this one was higher. For weeks I tried to get her to jump onto the 20 inch platform, but she kept saying 'I Can't Do It!'. She would stand in front of it for 2-3 minutes each time and never make an attempt. Finally, I forced her to say she could do it and to actually walk right up to it and jump. So she did.... and she made it! Later, she did it 6 times in a row!

The power of positive thinking can really help you excel in your workout program, and help motivate you. Talk with people who encourage you when you feel down about how your goals are maybe coming slowly. If you stay positive about it, the chances of you reacihg your goal will be much higher.



4/9/2009 5:44:02 PM
jordan said:

wow! i have read sooo many weight loss articles but none of them got to me except for yours!! im 16 and weigh 170 :( i think i eat fine but i barely ever exercise (so that's my problem). Your paper inspired me more to finally do it, i mean i have tried many times but i always end up quitting. i think the longest period of time i've exercised daily was 2 weeks. well any ways thanks :)


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