Don't Skip Meals

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Don't Skip Meals

People sometimes think that a good way to lose weight is to just skip meals. They believe that less calories consumed is automatically better. Well the thinking of 'less calories' is on the right track, but the skipping meals is mightily not. When meals are skipped the body begins to go into starvation mode, meaning that yes fat is taken and burned to give you energy, but the stomach also begins to slow down its digetsion process the longer you wait to eat between meals. The stomach then is not able to metabolize food (and gather nutrients from that food) as rapidly, meaning that the next time you eat your body will not metabolize the food as well as before (aka - burn as many calories). Do this once in a while, no problem. If you do this for days or quite often, your stomach funcion will begin to start dysfunctioning and you may gain some abdominal pains.

For best results for great metabolism and function of your stomach, eat small snacks/meals throughout the day often. Don't skip meals unless you have to.



2/27/2009 6:56:28 AM
kitsie said:

I have been reading more and more about this. It makes sense but is hard to swallow!


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