Basic CardioRespiratory Routine

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Basic CardioRespiratory Routine

A good 'Cardio' routine would consist of one stressing their Cardiorepsiratory system well enough so that their breathing would intensify and their heart rate would rise. You would want to do this for about 30-45 minutes, 2 to 4 times per week. When starting out, it is always a good idea to start slow. Many people go too extreme too quick and are at risk for Heart Attacks or insufficient lung function causing them to maybe pass out. Always start out slow! For the initial week or two, go at a speed that challenges you only mildly, then once you are more accustomed to CardioRespiratory training you can intensify your Cardio workouts more.

Another good tip to remember is to change the 'mode' of your Cardio exercise each week. This means that if you do the Treadmill one week, then the next week do the Elliptical, then the next week on and so on. This will ensure that you are burning the most calories possible per machine by not allowing your body to get used to the mode of Cardio, while at the same time stressing your CardioRespiratory system in different ways. Oh, so good.



2/19/2009 6:11:41 AM
Kitsie said:

This makes sense to me. I didn't realize the body gets too used to a certain exercise.

4/15/2009 9:37:19 PM
Nicholas said:

It will get used to motions, such as walking. That's why most people will not find walking a 'strenuous' exercise.


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