Chest and Shoulder Stretch

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Chest and Shoulder Stretch

Find a doorway and put your arms straight up in the air. Now, walk to the doorway and make sure that your arms will hit the top of the doorway. While keeping arms straight, try and walk through the door. As you can imagine, you probably will have difficulty. The idea is to get your arms staright up and then to try and stretch them back behind you. This will poen up the musculature in your chest and shoulders, allowing your back to strengthen when you exercise. This will also help with your standing posture, so go try it and and hold those shoulders back!



2/5/2009 11:48:26 AM
Susan Jenkins said:

This is for tall people how would someone 5 ft 2 in reach the top of the door way?

4/23/2009 5:27:27 PM
Nicholas said:

Well, actually one could put their hands above their head and just grab the sides of the doorway too. Either the top of the doorway or by the top; both ways would work the same.


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