Circuit Training

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Circuit Training

When I workout at a gym, people will sometimes ask me what I am doing and initially say 'Are you doing a circuit?'. This may be due to the fact that I am breathing heavily and doing stuff that looks really odd and difficult, who knows. Regardless it is probably a good idea to figure out what a Circuit actually would look like.

Circuit Training is in reference to utilizing 3-4 exercises in a row, and then throwing in some type of cardio exercise with no rest. An example of this would be Push-Ups, immediately moving into Lunges, immediately into Lat Pull-Downs, immediately into Lateral Raises, then Jumping Rope for a minute, finally resting for a minute. This way your body gets tired quickly beacuse of lack of rest, and you get lots of muscles to work because you are exercising the whole of the body during the circuit. During a circuit training routine one would want to go through 3-5 whole circuits, definitely making sure that they stay hydrated and giving themselves ample rest between circuits.

Well what are you waiting for? Go try one out for your next workout! It wil be fun :)



1/29/2009 5:02:09 AM
bari Seidon said:

this is true. that is what we call circuit training. it also adds more cardio to your workout by not taking alot of down time between excercises. this causes the body to continually burn calories.

1/29/2009 8:10:46 AM
Mattie Sampson said:

Sounds like Curves exercise set up.

1/30/2009 1:16:15 PM
Nicholas said:

It may sound like a 'Curves' set-up, but they're just implementing Circuit Training techniques. They work, so smart move 'Curves'.


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