Hospital IntraVenous Fluids (IV)

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Hospital IntraVenous Fluids (IV)

One of my cleints told me that one of the INtraVenous fluids used at the hospital is essentially 'Gatorade without the sugar'. Interesting. Now, if we think carefully about this then many things will become clear as to how drinking sports drinks can aid us during exercise.

When i've been to the hospital before and gotten an IV, I feel better. It calmes us down, relaxing our bodies and giving our bodies the fluids they really need. We are able to function even though we are ill or in pain. Remember what happens when the IV gets taken out? Yeah, not fun. Sometimes we get dizzy, feel more sick por disoriented, whatever. That is what an IV does for us when we're ill, so I wonder about during exercise...

While playing sports or exercising our bodies hit a point when they cannot go anymore, and we may begin to feel light-headed or dizzy/sick. This happens even when we drink water, because we regardless have hit a point to where our bodies have said "No More!", and if we don't stop we might pass out or be sick. When we drink sports drinks, we are actually able to function much better and exercise for longer because our bodies are getting the proper nutrients. We have the correct fuel to keep the engine running. Just as we feel sick in the hospital and we get an IV and feel better, sports drinks help us to avoid that feeling and push ourselves farther than normal. If you want to have a real intense workout or know that you are going to need to perform real well for a big game, definitely utilize a sports beverage such as Gatorade.



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