Specified Strength Training

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Specified Strength Training

Ever had a goal in mind? Something to get to that you thought would never be possible? Maybe doing 20 pull-ups at one time, running a mile in under 5-minutes, or doing a handstand with one arm? All those are realistic, and need to be specifically trained for, by doing....those exact exercises.

If you want to do 20 pull-ups in a row, you need to work on pull-ups at least 3 times a week. Same goes for running a mile in under 5-minutes and doing a handstand with one arm. You would need to practice handstands, getting comfortable with that then trying to do it with one arm. You could even do it daily (no more than 6 days in a row though). Some people will tell you that you won't see results because you're not giving your body ample rest and recovery time. Okay, let's pretend they're right: why aren't my legs ruined then? I walked today, yesterday, the day before that, the day before that, etc... so how come they don't hurt and still function fine? WELL, your body adapts. Have you ever seen a person who has limited leg mobility and walks on crutches all the time? They have huge arms and shoulders! They're not broken or not functioning properly, their bodies had to adapt to the change. Back to Specific Strength Training...

If you have a goal like one of those listed above, by all means stress yourself and try the goal a few times a week. Your body will not retard because of it, and your muscles will still heal. Make sure though that you always have at least one day of rest a week, and if you are going to be training the same muscle groups often then proper supplementation is a good idea (banana or blackberris/berries before, recovery supplement, lots of water/protein post workout). You can get to that goal, and don't worry about your body; it is stronger than you think.



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