Post-Workout Consumption

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Post-Workout Consumption

It seems to me that there are 2 kinds of people when it comes to eating after a workout: The 'Non-Eaters' and the 'Immediate Eaters'. The 'Non-Eaters' will not really eat anything after a workout, but instead later in the day will treat themselves (to sweets/alcohol/chips/etc.) because they feel they deserve it since they exercised. The 'Immediate Eaters' finish their workout and simultaneously consume a protein bar and a post-workout shake within 5-10 minutes after their workout. On the right track, but let's analyze how that can have more of a positive effect on your workouts.

For the first thirty minutes after a workout your body is still ready to exercise; your muscles have been innervated, they are ready to fire (workout) when you say so, and are not ready to begin repairing yet. After thirty minutes, your muscles relax and begin to repair themselves. This is when one would want to consume protein, because protein aids in the muscle rebuilding process. So, if you consume your post-workout protein beverage 30 min to 1 hour after your workout, you will be helping your muscles rebuild during their primetime rebuilding process and maximizing the benefits of the protein you're taking.

After 2-3 hours, you should consume a regular meal (with protein in it) to continue aiding in the muscle rebuilding process. Do not 'treat' yourself to sweets or alcohol or whatever, for your muscles will still be crying out for protein and you will be feeding them sugar or alcohol or heavy carbohydrates...they want protein. Remember 'You Are What You Eat'? That is especially true on the days you exercise. If you can eat properly after a workout and stay away from 'treats', your results will come faster than you expect.



12/17/2008 5:14:55 AM
Debby said:

That's good to know! I need all the help I can get.

3/29/2009 12:28:38 PM
Brya Smith said:

Wow! Im really pleased whoever you are about this paragraph thanks! It really helped me a lot!

4/28/2009 8:08:08 PM
cc said:

thanks this helped alot!

7/26/2009 2:42:31 PM
MarC said:

Excellent! I didn't known that with this precision. Thanks.

8/4/2009 10:39:16 PM
Sara said:

I workout every night usually around 10 or 11pm. From the gym I head home shower and go to sleep, and dont eat until the next day..... I do have a big meal in the morning which it almost always includes protein. Is this okay?

10/3/2009 11:45:19 AM
olshsjjs said:

Good idea, i like it!

10/19/2009 8:54:28 AM
avanti said:

i want my butt to be big and my stomach to be flat

7/28/2011 4:42:31 AM
Tyrone said:

Great, info was really useful, thanks a ton. :)

7/28/2011 6:51:17 PM
haha said:

just don't work out then you will be fine, lol I do yoga and then drink herb tea, it works just fine!


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