Workout for your Heart

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Workout for your Heart

Most people believe that Cardiorespiratory exercise (running, biking and the like) are what most doctors would refer to as exercise for your heart. It is a true belief, but there are ways to incorporate working out your heart especially during weight bearing exercise.

Whenever you exercise, your heart is pumping blood that has been oxygenated to areas of your body. As your blood travels through your body, it makes stops at muscles that need oxygen to function and perform better. After dropping off their supply of oxygen, they either oxygenated other muscles or return on the cycle back to the heart to perform the same thing again. Therefore when you workout you're getting a 'Heart' workout, but we can make it even more precise.

If you worry about whether your heart is strong or not, during your next workout session alternate exercising your upper then lower body. For example, start out with squats (lower body), then bench press (upper body), then leg extensions (lower body) to a seated row (upper body), and so on. Do a few sets of each, and as you continue alternating between your upper and lower body, your blood will be pumping through your body, giving you a great workout for your heart.



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