Anatomical Neutral Posture

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Anatomical Neutral Posture

Anatomical Neutral Posture is where almost every exercise should begin. I want to teach you what this looks like and simple ways to check to see if you are staying there-in.

Anatomical Neutral Posture begins at the feet. The feet should be straight forward, not facing out. The feet should be hip bone width apart, meaning they should be in line with the bones of your hips. Knees should be directly over the feet and in line with the hips. At the abdomen, it should be drawn in ever so slightly, while also tightening up the muscles of the glutes (butt) as well. The chest should be lifted, while also drawing the shoulders back and down. The head should be back, looking forward, with ears in line with the shoulders and hips. Hands should be facing towards the body, standing as tall as possible.

The importance of Anatomical Neutral Posture comes in regards to proper muscular innervation. When you sit/stand/lift in proper posture, you will be more likely to exercise the proper muscles. Anatomical Neutral Posture will also put your spine in good alignment, minimizing the pains that could possibly arise from exercise. You will exercise better, utilize proper muscles, and have more of a challenging time trying to stay in proper posture.

As a sidenote, some women don't want to lift their chest for fear of seeming like they want to show off their breasts. Well, I don't mean wear low cut shirts, just lift your chest so your upper back is not rounded. it's either show off your chest a little or have back problems essentially... Seems like a no brainer to me.



7/23/2011 3:08:12 PM
Steve said:

If the chest moves forward while the floating ribs draw back and tip of breast bone remains drawn in, alignment is correct without the breasts protruded or the ribs jutting forward.

11/11/2011 3:19:32 PM
Free said:



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