'Get Big' Routine

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'Get Big' Routine

People have different goals, and one of those goals is that people (especially men) want to get Big or Huge or Cut. That's fine, and here's a great way t do it.

When working out to get big, you want to give your muscles the maximum amount of rest possible. Therefore in a given week, you should workout each muscle group only once. Yes, just once. That way when you workout you are giving your muscles the maximum amount of time to rebuild and recover for the next week's muscle destruction.

When working out, every set needs to be to failure. That means that you don't stop until you fail at doing the repetition. For example, if you were doing chest then every set would pain your chest because you were working it out so hard, and by the end of the workout (which would last at least 1.5 hours) your chest would be extremely tired and broken down. Since it would be so broken down there would be no way you could even exercise your chest in 2/3 days because of how hard you worked it out. Make sense?

Also, studying more about muscle recovery and ways to help that through proper supplementation need to be looked into, as well as Protein 30min-1hour after your workouts.

A sample routine could look like this: Mon-Chest, Tue-Back, Wed-Legs(Upper+Lower), Thur-Shoulders, Fri-Arms, Sat-Abs. Remember though, this is hard. To always puch your muscles to the maximum requires patience and intense desire. For those of you planning on treading down this road; Good Luck, and don't take steroids. :-)



11/30/2008 3:41:53 PM
James Acton said:

This advice seems to go against a lot of current programs - eg Chad Waterbury.

People get big using his programs at t-nation.

I would recommend a little more research first especially about diet!

12/1/2008 5:55:36 PM
Nicholas said:

This is the general 'Get-Big' Routine that has been used for the last several years, and has been shown to give people the 'big' results they are looking for by maximally destroying/breaking down their muscle tissues and giving them a large amount of time to recover. I would like to hear more of why this is not true.
Regarding diet, eat protein. Lots of it, especially after a workout (30min to 1hour after). You'll see the results you want.

2/19/2012 10:16:22 PM
David said:

I have been utilizing this technique for years (off and on) It works for me. Even if I train Chest/Bi's my chest is sore for 3 days..Same goes for back and legs. I push those groups hard..and very intense everytime. I need the week spread.


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