The Bike and Knee Pain

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The Bike and Knee Pain

Lots of people ride bicycles either in the gym, outside, or even in a spin/cycle class. Interestingly enough a good amount of people that utilize these bikes have knee pain during/after their exercise session...why is that? Let's see.

Anatomically, based upon the muscular and skeletal anatomy of your lower limbs, your knees should be directly below your hips, while your feet are also directly below your knees (and hips) with feet facing straight forward. Also, when walking, we should put the weight slightly on the oustides of our feet, walking onto our heels and using the sides of our feet and toes for balance.

On a bike, watch yourself the next time you do it if you are a person who sometimes feels that pain in your knees. It is caused by the knee going in during the cycling motion (especially during the push). What I mean is the knee is no longer 'in line' with the hip and foot, but instead inside of it, closer to the opposite knee. This causes that pain in the knee joint because the leg is out of proper posture.

Next time you use the bike (whether inside or outside) put more of your weight on the outsides of the feet and consciously think to move your knees slightly out. This should reduce/remove the pain in the knee, making you happier after your exercise session.



11/27/2008 11:12:08 AM
Biker Bill said:

Another way to make the knee move slightly out would be to lower the seat. Consulting with a bike shop that does bike fitting can help get the desired alignment of foot, knee, and hip.


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