What's your goal?

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What's your goal?

First things first - what is your goal? For years I have asked people this question and most of the time I get the answer of "I want to lose weight", "I want to tone up" or "I want to get ripped" ...regardless, those are NOT your goals. Nope, sorry.

The reason you want to start to exercise is for something specific. It could be because you think you are fat, you have flabby arms, or you feel too skinny. Someone may have made a comment about your body, or maybe people make fun of you because they think you are weak. Me? I used to be scrawny and little, so I wanted to be bigger and stronger; I also want to be strong so that if someone ever messes with people I care about I can destroy them. A funny reason, but that's the truth. Thirdly would be because now I enjoy it.

Once we assess what our true goal is by being honest with ourselves, we can see clearer why we want to do this exercise business that can sometimes be so taxing. If it helps, write down what your goals are (the true ones) and maybe talk to a trainer about the best ways to achieve them. Figure out your true goals, believe you can get there and know it is going to take time and hard work.



1/31/2010 3:03:51 PM
Doreen said:

I want to tightenmy stomach and my upper hips. i've had to stomach surgeries over th years and need to tighten up. my age is 61 so please advise me how to acomplish my goal, Thank you

4/22/2010 9:27:16 PM
Nicholas said:

Doreen - you need to exercise your whole body. You also need to make sure that you find time to do Cardiorespiratory exercise. Exercise 4-5 times a week, and make sure you set aside minimum 30 minutes. You can do it :)


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