12-minute Fitness Test

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How can I judge my fitness before starting an exercise program?

12-minute Fitness Test

To get a good idea of your fitness level before starting an exercise program, try running or walking for 12 minutes and see what kind of distance you can cover. If you cover a mile or more you're in decent shape. You should feel good about where you are. Start your exercise program at a more vigorous level if you do well. Don't feel bad if you don't get close to a mile. Most beginners can't. You just have to start out at a pace that is comfortable for you and increase it as your fitness improves.



10/28/2006 10:23:20 AM
brittany said:

i think that i will try it. the distance from walking from my school to the bus stop is more than a mile and i try to get to a certain place at a certain time.. so it will be fun to do walking and see what i can get done.

10/31/2006 7:16:29 AM
suzinpb said:

you should be able to jog a 12 minute mile, but walking? that's about impossible.

4/8/2007 3:45:13 PM
samantha said:

suzinpb, back when I was power walking vigorously I could power walk faster than most people jog! if you are in good shape it's not unreasonable to do a 12 min mile, since it should take about 15 mins to walk a mile.

4/8/2007 9:04:21 PM
Rod said:

I have osteoarthritis. Running or walking at this rate does not reflect my fitness. I currently hit the bike and am getting excellent results. Walking takes forever. And, although I could run when I was in my twenties, there is no way I can run today without causing additional pain and damage. Try to find a better indicator than running or walking so us so called old folks can actually use the data or information. BTW, yes, you would have a tought time staying with me on the bike.

4/9/2007 5:20:04 PM
ben said:

i run about a 6 to 7 minute mile, walking i can do about half a mile in 10 minutes

6/14/2008 7:58:18 AM
David B said:

Walking a 12 minute mile even on a tread mill is impossible or so I believe. As to accomplishing that distance on a track, or sidewalk, not possible. I can easily do 15 minute miles for an hour on a tread mill with an incline.

11/21/2008 9:15:19 AM
Nicholas said:

At a relaxed walk, no, you probably would not get a 12-minute mile time. If you walk with a purpose one could definitely reach that mark. Congrats to you that tried it!
Rod, good work on the bike, and yes i'm sure you could beat me at a 'cycle off' because you do it so often that your muscles no longer have to think about how to do the motion, they are adapted to it. Therefore you can do it no problem but the results that you were seeing initially i'm sure have flat-lined unless you have added some other kind of exercise. In regards to the pains you have, good Personal Trainers/Physical Therapists should be able to show you exercises you could do to strengthen your body parts that feel pain when you exercise. Just a tip :)

7/27/2009 8:16:13 AM
lak said:

very good tip to heed. I thought it was useless for me to continue, thinking I had NO stamina at 46. Thanks for the boost.


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