Why Exercise?

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Why is there a need to exercise?

Why Exercise?

Physical activity is necessary for good health, and most people do not get enough in their everyday lives. Besides helping with weight control, exercise strengthens your heart, improves circulation, helps prevent many illnesses, and makes it easier to do everyday activities. If you are very active in your job, hobbies, and/or household and garden chores, and walk or bike often instead of riding in a car all the time, you may not have to do formal exercise to maintain health, but most people are not that active.



1/31/2008 5:40:53 PM
Marcia said:

i tried this and it worked great! i burned alot of fat from it.

9/15/2011 11:19:00 AM
tuanson said:

I think exercise is good for everyone as long as we keep exercising everyday, not skip by any reasons.


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