Herbal Supplements

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Can I take herbs without worrying about side effects?

Herbal Supplements

Don't trust your hippie neighbor who says he's got a natural jump shot performance booster, man. Herbs have many uses, but their active ingredients are natural drugs.

Before you take a herbal sports nutrition supplement to improve your sports performance, control weight, improve health, or anything else, check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure the herb won't conflict with something else you are taking or that it doesn't have any risks you're not aware of. Start with a small amount in your sports nutrition diet, in case you have a negative reaction. Take one preparation at a time so you will know what does or does not work. Most sports nutrition herbs are fairly innocuous, but the smart play is to use caution.



7/2/2008 9:45:46 AM
Sherry M said:

Not to mention even Herbs can make you sick; you could be allergic to anything and not know it until you've taken it. I know people who have seasonal allergies that can not take Echenecia (sp)there are actual weeds in their (depending on where you buy) like Ragweed in the variety we had purchased.


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