Free Weights or Machines

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Should I use machines or free weights?

Free Weights or Machines

Weight machines or free weights? As Deion Sanders says, "Both!" You can get good weight training results from either machines or free weights. A combination of both is probably best.

Strength training machines are easier to learn, can be useful for rehab, make it safer to do a weight training routine without a spotter, are more comfortable for beginners, and can allow you to change resistance faster.

Free weights (barbells and dumbbells) allow more variety of movement; train balance and coordination, which weight training machines don't do; allow more functional movements; and are better for many types of sports training. Make sure you learn correct strength training exercise technique whichever approach you take. Try both machines and free weights, and see what works best for you.



4/13/2009 3:06:16 PM
connie said:

makes sence to me ,great tip

4/14/2009 12:16:23 AM
FitFreak said:

Agreed, free weights get all those stabilizer muscles involved, the good ones get every muscle from your legs to your shoulders working.
The machines are great for working out alone, and will usually allow you to push around more weight.


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