Anti-aging Without Pills

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What pills are best for keeping young?

Anti-aging Without Pills

Many supplements are touted as anti-aging aids as they are supposed to raise levels of certain hormones that are thought to decline with age. These may or may not be effective, and may have side effects. Don't take any such supplements without consulting your doctor. If you want a different approach, try exercise, which raises growth hormone and testosterone, and/or meditation, which increases DHEA. You'll save money, too.



7/30/2007 9:21:09 AM
Linda said:

It is terrible how a lot of people take pills to make them better....we need to go back to the old days where a lot of hard work followed by hard play and wholesome foods made us healthy and happy. People may use pills to lenghthen their lives, but the quality of it stinks. Why bother? Work hard play hard.


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