Fat to Muscle

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I dont wan't to convert fat to muscle - I just want to lose the fat. What's the best regime?

Fat to Muscle

It is a common fallacy that working out with weights will cause your fat to turn to muscle. Muscle and fat are two different kinds of tissue. When you do weight training, you will build up muscle, but that muscle will take the place of fat that you lose. When you first start a weight loss diet program, you may want to concentrate on cardio exercise, along with your healthy eating, and add weight training later. If you prefer, you can start weight training right away, but don't neglect the cardio.



2/9/2009 6:41:55 AM
Kitsie said:

Good tip. Also, as you lose weight your muscles become more visible!

2/9/2009 9:51:49 AM
Glenn said:

I just started running again today afer a "several" year layoff. It was good to see this tip to provide support.

9/13/2011 9:34:36 AM
jv said:

how do skinny guys build muscle? do we have to get "fat" first- minimize cardio, and maximize heavy ifting?


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