April 3, 2009, Newsletter Issue #371: Cardio Vs. Weight Training - Round 3

Tip of the Week

Well now that we have looked at the benefits of both Cardio and Weight Training, who is the winner?  Well, it's a tough call.  Too bad there's not a way to get both at the same time...Yeah, it really is too bad.  Wish there was some way....Hhmmm....OH YEAH, there is!  It's what I like to refer to as 'Total Body Exercise'.  "I wonder what that could be?" You might be thinking; well, i'm going to tell you.
Most of the time in the gym, you see guys/ladies who have been working out for years and they generally do the same thing.  As the body gets accustomed to exercise, the body gets stressed less, minimizing the results that can be seen.  It's similar to picking up a heavy book - if I go to pick one up with my right hand, no problem.  But if I try and lift it with my left hand, it is much more difficult.  Why?  Well my right arm is used to grabbing the heavier objects, not my left.  I feel silly trying to grab it and picking it up is even weirder.  But the more often I try picking up awkward heavy objects with my left hand, the more comfortable my left arm will become at performing the necessary motion, making my brain work as well as the muscles in my arm.  This is the same for exercise, for if we don't stress our bodies to do new things, we won't see as much change as we might like to.  Let's se how this really looks in an exercise setting.
As people, we generally like to stay to the same thing.  We like what is comfortable, for it can sometimes be awkward or embarassing to try new things.  Get over it though!  When you exercise your entire body during a workout, the results will come much quicker.  For example, a 'Squat to Press' (in which one would squat then go into a shoulder press at the top) is a great example: Not only are you exercising your legs, but you are forcing you upper body to do work in the same exercise - your muscles are going to get tired from the repetitions and your heart and lungs are going to have to work hard since you are using so many muscles.  You will be breathing hard, pumping more blood and giving your muscles a great workout! 
So, the winner is 'Cardio Weight Bearing Exercise'...make sense?  To really see the results you want (unless you just want to be gigantic buff or mega skinny) perform more exercises that stress your entire body.  The more repetitions you do with not as heavy weight, the better workout for your muscles, heart and lungs you will get.  Now it may feel awkward at first, but soon you will feel great and be comfortable with this type of exercise.  Always switch up your routine, and stress the entirety of your body. 

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