March 13, 2009, Newsletter Issue #368: 'Stairs of Death' (Calves)

Tip of the Week

Lots of people believe that they can never get a good calf workout.  They do heavy weight, they do lots of reps, and regardless the workout never really tires out their calves.  I used to say this, until I did the 'Stairs of Death' as referred to me by Elite Trainer Kirtus Hunsaker.  I told him I could never get a good calf workout, that I always did lots of weight and lots of reps.  He dared me to do the 'Stairs of Death' - I accepted.
The way it works is you find a set of at least 12 stairs.  On the first stair with the front half of both feet on the edge of the stair, do 1 calf raise.  Step up to the next stair with only the front half of your calf on the stair, and do 2 calf raises.  Then the third stair, 3; fourth stair, 4.  You get the idea.  Go all the way up to 12 or 15, and then come back down.  So, at the 15th stair you'll do fifteen calf raises, then go back down to the 14th stair and perform fourteen calf raises.  At the 13th stair do thirteen, the 12th stair do twelve...all the way back down to the 1st stair.  Make sense?  Good.
I thought I could never get a good calf workout....I was wrong!   I was sore for days!  I felt, less than halfway through, that my calves were going to explode out the back of me.  They didn't (thankfully), but I was very sore.  I no longer think it is hard to get a great workout in my calves.  Try this one out, and your calves will quickly begin to show definition.

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