Breathe Through Your Mouth

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Should I breathe through my mouth when I work out?

Breathe Through Your Mouth

To improve your aerobic conditioning, you should work hard enough that you just naturally start breathing through your mouth to get enough oxygen. It is sometimes recommended to breathe only through your nose to minimize effects of air pollution, but this limits the intensity of your workout. Avoid pollution by working out early or indoors, if necessary.



2/11/2007 6:58:27 AM
ML said:

My high school gym teacher always said you always should breath through your nose for some health reason that eluded me. Thankful for the clarification.

3/25/2007 7:02:56 AM
D said:

Multiple coaches have always told us to "breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth" to help us run better and not suffer from cramps. Wouldn't breathing through your mouth cause cramps?

6/12/2007 8:26:52 AM
Rachel said:

As a runner I was taught to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth so that you can get in a pattern as well as not get cotton mouth.

6/12/2007 7:31:28 PM
deX said:

Somewhat of an iffy topic, to relax it's usually suggested to breath in through your nose and to breath out of your mouth. usually this would come after physical activity to calm yourself down and to bring back control. Overall it's important to control your breathing in order to get enough oxygen. And sometimes breathing in through your nose (and breathing out of your mouth), as long as it's a 'clear path' can help you pace your breathing as you exercise...which actually will help pace your workout. It isn't exactly necessary to pant like a dog :} but it is true you can work hard enough where it becomes difficult to not simply breath through you mouth. But sometimes it's better to have a controlled strenuous workout. Try concentrating on your breathing during a workout and see what makes you feel most comfortable.

12/12/2008 9:20:54 AM
Nicholas said:

I am going to agree with the 'breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth' school of thought. After reading excerpts from it seems that when we exercise and breathe in through our nose, we warm the air that goes into our lungs making it easier to utilize, also preventing GERD (which means you cough when you breathe with your mouth while exercising) and cotton mouth (which is just an annoyance).
When I was younger, I think I had a stuffy/runny nose everyday, so breathing in/out of my nose was out of the question. I am not dead and am instead in good health, so breathing in/out through your mouth probably won't kill you. I do notice though that I breathe deeper and longer when I breathe in through my nose. Thanks for commenting!

9/5/2009 7:44:43 PM
dontreallycare said:

does it even matter? seriously?! just breathe


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